Here is my recommendation for a basic, small studio set-up:

This is a basic, affordable studio lighting system, fine for the beginner.

Other optional tools we used to get this shot:

Main Modifier This is the one we used but any of a similar dimension will do

Strip Box (for hair and rim light)

  • The stripbox link I’ve included above comes in a set, and I advise to get both because there’s so many advance things you can do with strip boxes but you can get just one of any kind with similar dimension if you prefer to save money - Be sure it comes with a Bowens mount

Reflector Again, any similar reflector will do. We used the white side for softer edges

Here are some images we took straight out of camera using two basic Interfit lights and one reflector: These are unedited, straight from the camera to show exactly what we get with just the lights.