The Dog Park

Kristen and I started taking Cas to the dog park near my house.  He's been having a blast.  It's a fun park with a bunch of cool pups so we decided to start taking pictures for fun.  You can view and download your pup pictures for free by clicking on the link below.

Purchasing prints is totally optional but you can do that right from my website if you'd like to.

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(If you don't see your pup, just check back.  These are all print quality images and they take a while to upload).  

Puppy Pictures

Did I take pictures of your puppy?

I've been out of town for a while but I'll be posting pictures of your puppy tonight!  Check back this evening and download for free.  :)

The Force Awakens

I grew up in the Star Wars generation and 'might' be a little obsessed.  In celebration of the new movie, I'll be doing a few Star Wars Inspired shoots, here's a couple from the first series:

The Dance Shack Spotlight Party - Dec 2015

It's always a blast shooting event's for the Dance Shack!  This is the BEST dance school in town... hand's down.

The staff is wonderful, friendly and talented!  Their classes are fun and very reasonable!  You'll find no contracts there... just a bunch of smiling faces!

Dance Shackers:  Go through these pictures, they are a blast!  Just click on the image above!

If you would like to buy prints, they are available directly from my gallery and I keep them reasonably priced.  Prints from local places like Walgreen's degrade in a short period of time.  Mine are processed at high-quality print shops.  That's my recommendation but I hate it when I'm forced to buy things, so you also have the option to download them for free.   You may print them elsewhere, post them on-line, whatever you like!

And great job to all of those involved!

MedAxiom Christmas Party 2015

What a wonderful evening of joyous festivities, presents, great food and fun times with the MedAxiom crowd!

...And did I mention PRESENTS!  :)

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Randi's Nieces

Photographed  these two lovely angels on Thanksgiving!

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