Orlit Rovelight 610 from Adorama

I’ve been using these lights for the past year… unsuccessfully. I thought they just had a greater learning cure or it was user error. As it turns out, and after a bunch of research I learned that the light was just faulty. For some reason, when the fan would kick on it would disable the TTL function. All other functions worked fine, but I paid $200 more than the 601’s FOR TTL. This does not discourage me from Orlit, sometimes faulty products slip through the lines. Orlit is a product of Adorama. Their customer service was great and they are replacing the light. I will follow-up once i get the new light back and get a chance to test it out.

Here is a random review of the Orlit Rovelight 610:

Adorama Orlit Rovelight Rt 610 Wireless Strobe gadget Review