Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography Rates:

$100 per residential properties under 5,000 sq ft with same day turn-around

$150 for commercial properties

$175 for residential properties over 5,000 sq ft








Photo realistic High Dynamic Range technique:

·         The challenge of real estate photography is properly exposing the image from several different natural light sources

·         For example: an image with a window in the shot

·         If the room is properly exposed then the window becomes ‘blown-out’ and over-exposed due to the excessive light coming in through the window, as in the example below:

·         The window is too bright and becomes an eye-sore and distracting

·         If the window is exposed properly, then the remaining room becomes under-exposed and unusable, as the image below demonstrates:

·         By using the High Dynamic Range technique, I take several images of varying exposures then blend them using a special algorithm in Adobe Photoshop

·         The resulting image below shows the proper blend of various light, resulting in an image that represents perfect exposure

·         Details, sharpness and contrast are adjusted in post-editing to capture the most realistic image of the property



Travel charges may apply for properties outside the Jacksonville area.

(Exterior and aerial photography are weather-permitting only)